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You can see this in action by pressing Ctrl Alt F2 to get to a console, and then login.

For legal reasons, Some people need to display a warning banner on their Linux machine before login so that a person requires to acknowledge the contents of the banner before entering the password.

To do this, edit a 12.04 amazon cloud amazon ec2 amazon s3 amazon vpc ansible ansible basics ansible vpc apache apache2 AWS aws ec2 aws vpc aws vpn aws with ansible backup centos centos 6 centos server client clonezilla clonezilla on linux dhcp EC2 ec2 instance Gnome gnome classic Install ipsec LAMP LEMP linux linux ipsec linux server linux vpn mikrotik mikrotik router My SQL mysql command line nginx openswan openvpn playbooks private key putty quagga router routing Security Group server simple test site to site vpn ssh ssh login ssh server ssh tunnel Static IP Address Subversion subversion server svn technology tunneling the traffic ubuntu ubuntu.

Take the following bash-script: but since updates are only checked (and not installed) any user can run it.

However, hardly any harm can be inferred from it and since it's not tied to a specific user, I keep it that way. One caveat: This script simply overwrites your MOTD.

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