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Many computers have a default setting in the BIOS that shuts off the computer automatically if the CPU reaches a certain temperature.The computer turns off to prevent the CPU from getting damaged. It is relatively simple, however sometimes you need to remove the whole motherboard to place the grip on been having the same problem but it isnt a temp issue, I took it to best buy and they ran a diagnostic. -If a computer getsd over the pre-configured temperature, the computer restarts or shuts down. You can check if this is happening to you by downloading "core Temp": 32Bit Windows Temp/Core Temp3264Bit Windows Temp/Core Temp64If the temperature is 90 degrees during your gameplay or infact if it is around 75 degrees whilst just using your computer... Replace your Heat Sink and add more fans to your computer.. If you have no idea how to or look up on google how to.

they said that the cpu was being used up to 99% then it would shut down, I dont have this problem when im not hooked to the internet, but ive also found that I dont have the issue when im logged out of facebook. I have had the same problem before with computers turning off by themselves.I backed up the psps original nand but it brought up like a 1000 errors when trying to restore so I put the other one back.When launching homebrew it says: "This game cannot be started." "The region code is not correct." Is it possible I can get a different region nand from a forum attatchment, or some download site I'm not aware of so I can fix this? Update: Its also noticeable that when a umd is placed into the drive I get a "disk could not be read" error.I have heard of a repair for this called Pandoras Battery.I am not sure if the Pandoras battery really works to restore Bricked PSP's.

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