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Things got heavy fast, we were making out pretty hard and I'll admit I wasn't really thinking.

I lifted her up and placed her on the counter that surrounded most of the art room, literally tearing off her shirt and revealing her beautiful tits, I damn near tore that shirt in half.

She smiled, shocked at the size of my cock, I'd always thought it was average but apparently it was the biggest she had ever seen outside of porn.

She smiled and held it in her tiny hands, she was so damn petite.

We flirted quite a lot, and had some fun, I recall myself teasing her about her gingerness and "out there" tits, so I called her gingertits.

Looking back on it it was probably a really childish thing but fuck it, we were young.

I was pretty self conscious, as I imagine most guys are but it turned out I had nothing to be self conscious of.

Sorry for any mistake there, I'm not an erotic writer, I'm just talking about my experiences.

Hope you enjoyed anyway, let me know if you want to hear any more. -DK why is it so many sad men post shit pretending to be woman or pretend to fuck there mothers sisters daughters and people are like " mmmmm tell me more" and think its a real life story hahaa its not its a sad 50yr old man in his boxers wishing he could have had that much when ever i have posted real life stories all be it simple or plain people only ever say "fake" "didnt happen" "you wish"i have never thought i was that lucky but it seems watching all these fake stories im not i have been rather lucky with sex :p so how about i tell you a real bunch of things that have really happened to me. any one that thinks otherwise has been on here to long reading lies or is just to pathetic to go out and have some fun with real people or jealous.starting with im a bi male 30now how many guys been on a chatroom and talked dirty then wanked and left or rp with people in a chat or even talk dirty about meeting with other guys and fucking them but....

So, I was in my teens and I was attending college when I meet this super hot ginger girl, a real stunner.

She must've been a few years older than me, maybe three or so. Liz was around 4 foot 9, slim, freckled, brown eyes and red hair and fucking hell her tits were amazing.

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I can't be sure as it's been years ago but she stared me right in the eyes, smiled all cute and half-jokingly said something to do with the two of us getting together and leant in for a kiss, pushing herself against me I could feel her tits press against me.

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