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If you’re still willing to take a rocket ride with someone equally delusional, then consider it may be time to stop self-sabotaging.Just look outside your window and you’ll see the world is waking up again.More than four years ago, I met my now-partner online, but we had been avoiding each other on the same dating site for a year.Once we forgot about our “types” and broadened our parameters, new opportunities opened up for the both of us.

Your profile can get stale after a while, and users will look past profiles that seem to be old.There’s no exact formula to dating, but it’s not all about throwing darts at a board or kissing a lot of frogs either.Rocket ride relationships typically occur on or right after a first date.Remember you have to cash the checks your ego writes, so be honest and genuine about the man or woman you are.Women don’t necessarily want to meet a romance novel version of a man.

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If you’re not over your ex, put dating on the back burner until you are.

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