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Five years ago a company wanting to sell vacuum cleaners on television would show a young and glamorous woman - not wearing a wedding ring.

If there was a man in the ad he would be portrayed as her live-in partner.

Studies show people in stable relationships stay healthier physically and emotionally, with greater resilience to stress and change than if they are on their own.

Divorced or separated people are four times as likely to need psychiatric help, while single people are twice as likely to need it.

As it does, so the pressures against the sex revolution continue to grow.

All this adds fuel to the fire which is consuming the old values which have tended to poke fun at permanent relationships, as boring, old-fashioned or worse.

Was it because spouses tend to take better care of their health?

Was it because married people are more likely to be better off?

For the latest information about dating Married people live longer too.

The average risk of dying each year is lower if you are married - the effect is greater for men.

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