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If you’re after a bold look like the reality babe, you can find Georgia's exact bodysuit by clicking on the link (right) or alternatively you can shop from our edit of popular retailers at high street prices.She was joined by Lottie, the half-sister of Kate Moss, who looked chic in a white Bardot crop top and high-waisted jeans.

I'm a Paramedic and I've recently married my husband who's also a Paramedic.

Lottie, who is reportedly seeing rugby fullback Elliot Clements Hill, may not have been looking for love but stole the show with her revealing outfit regardless.

Hot on their tails was MIC star Mimi Bouchard - who was left heartbroken after being dumped by Sam Thompson in the Ibiza series.

Tread lightly. We work in a man’s world and she has had to adapt accordingly. You remember the tom-boy you loved as a kid?  We spend every day proving how tough, how competent, how determined, how capable and how in control we can be. – You’ve heard the terms, Type A, Controlling and OCD?  We’re one big tri-pack. Should you at any point make an attempt to tell her “this is how it’s going to be” – peace be with you. However, If you do fit any of the above criteria, they you’ve found the right gal.  The girl who will answer your text, call or IM the moment you send it? You’re gonna need an iron stomach – If you want to be the rock that she can lean on, you’ll have to be able to listen to the details of her calls as she mentally re-lives those moments, playing them back, checking herself, questioning herself, critiquing herself. Don’t interject, don’t try to fix anything, just listen – and don’t vomit. Don’t try to change her -  We often hear men talk about women trying to change them. Well, this is a big issue with the female first responder. Men are very attracted to the strong, confident, independent women of this field, until they get deeper into the relationship.

The sheer thought of doing something perceived as a “man task” for us can quickly get you thrown in the proverbial dog house – which if challenged she can also build. We have guy friends – LOTS of them – We live with them, eat with them, sleep in the same house as them, we have their back and they have ours. We are a team and a family. They are our brothers, partners, fathers and best friends. We laugh, cry and experience mind blowing things together. You’re gonna have to be secure and trusting or the relationship isn’t going to make it past the next 24 hour shift.  Sorry, wrong chica. You might not get a reply for hours or an entire day. If the calls are coming back to back, there is a priority system we have in place – Pee, Eat, Chart, Pee again then maybe you’ll get a short response. Don’t read into it, it will only work against you. Don’t question it as she will see you as needy. It seems there is this pivotal point in most relationships where suddenly the guy wants the girl to become well, more of a “girl.”  If at some point you anticipate she will transition to the submissive/subservient type, you’re in for an uphill battle – again, peace be with you!

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  2. I may not be beautiful, but I don’t worry, because to him, I am a “creature unlike any other.”To this day, I’m not sure what would have happened with my husband if I didn’t learn to follow the rules.